Decorate a kid's room in the early morning. As decorative design, you can use balloons, flowers, posters, colorful pictures, applications, toys and even Christmas lights. The atmosphere in the nursery in the end it should be festive and elegant. However, do not oversaturate the room with decorations as some items can hinder the child to move freely around the room and quickly find your things.
Wake the baby tender with a song or greeting poems. Gently, so as not to frighten the child, hint him about his holiday. Kiss and gently hug your baby, handing a small present, which will raise his spirits and tune in a positive way. It can be a toy, a book or a surprise, decorated in a gift box with a festive bow.
Prepare the room or hall for the arrival of guests with your child. Let the kid helps to set the table, or hang balloons. It will help him to experience the whole emotional mood of the upcoming holiday.
Children of very early age (before 4 years) for the arrival of guests congratulate a small fairy tale or a scene where the characters are dolls or dressed guests present. Do not tighten the performance, as the attention of these children is still short. During scenes periodically give baby gifts or surprises you have prepared or guests.
Children 10-13 years congratulate a pre-written script, which must be movable competitions, musical interlude, creative assignments, quiz, small gift. In this period of time to the child on birthday need to invite peers and that children do not feel slighted or left out hand them at the end of the night presents – these can be simple chocolate or the same balloons.
Throughout the day, talk with your child, encourage him, praise. Pay attention to all of his requests or wishes. On this day the kid can afford a lot, so he realized that this holiday is only him, and that he is now the center of attention and universal love.