When it comes to planning birthday scraps, decide the number of invitees. Of course, it wants to congratulate relatives - grandparents, uncles and aunts, and godparents, if any. For successful socialization of the child is necessary to it from an early age to interact with their peers. Child psychologists in order to determine the number of additional children, it is recommended to follow the scheme "the age of the child plus one. Therefore, on a birthday, you can invite one or two friends of your kid with his parents.
Once you counted how many people expected at your event, think about the venue. You can celebrate the birthday at home or in a cafe. And in either case has its pros and cons. If your living conditions do not allow all those you have planned, it is better to move to a cafe. In addition, access to the café will be a great relief for the young mother, because she won't have to stand the whole day at the plate, and the output "" will serve as a change of scenery and a reason to dress up. However, if you go to a cafe, then a long stay there can't, because toddlers sleep at least two times a day, and by tightening the birthday, you may meet with a child's fatigue, tears and whims. But at home you can put a toddler bed in the next room and continue the fun with the adults.
Thus, planning a first birthday, you must fully adapt to the child. Consider not only the order of the day, the baby slept well and felt bright and cheerful, but his gastronomic tastes and opportunities. It is better if the table will be not only for children, but "adult" meals of vegetables and fruits that you can try for the baby, so he didn't feel that it in some way deprive and saw that all eat the same thing he did. Carefully approach the choice of cake, the children are very curious and blowing out his first candle, I always try to grab a piece. If your pediatrician does not make a strict verdict on the sugar, and then we can try a little cream. But if the baby has an Allergy, then the cream should be replaced by fruit.
Gifts for one year old baby should be beautiful, functional and educational. At this age, the cognitive process is ever more violently, so bright baby playmat with toys, soft rattles and cards will be most welcome. Is perfect and baby puzzle cubes. When choosing toys, remember that details should not be too small that the child could not swallow.