Meet up with old friends. Memories of childhood or early youth will surely bring a smile on your face. Modern means of communication allow you to find classmates or friends at the University. Use social networks and have an unplanned high school reunion, or organize a friendly meeting with people from my childhood. Shot down by the knees of the first two, cheating on exams - all these little things will delight you and will bring a lot of pleasant emotions.
Embark on a journey. There's nothing like a change of scenery. Of course, the ideal would be a trip to the sea or ocean, but such trips always need the money. Meanwhile, you can do without a solid card accounts. Get to the nearest Park, forest or countryside Museum areas and spend there the whole day. Podhodite with the weather, and this day will give you pleasure.
Select a hobby. If you still don't understand how creative realization, it's time to do it. Think about what you really like. You can do embroidery, volleyball, fishing, floriculture or breeding snakes, the degree of the extreme depends on you. The energy output through the creativity not only get rid of negativity, but will give the most positive emotions.
Ride on rollers, skates or a Bicycle. Remember children's games that are so liked before! Rent any sports equipment, you are able to ride with the wind. Get in touch with friends - many will support you. Joy, like the joy of children, provided to you.
Arrange a Day of beauty. It guarantees positive emotions, if you do all the procedures slowly and with pleasure. Type in a tub of warm water, add sea salt, whisk fragrant foam, arrange around the candles. Make a mask. If you can afford to go to a salon - perfect! Massage, Spa treatments and other pleasures undoubtedly will inspire a positive attitude for a long time.