You will need
  • A simple pencil, eraser, paper, pen, markers, spray paints.
Consider the version of his name you want to write, if your name has a short and a long form.

Decide what font it is better to write your name. In graffiti there are a variety of fonts: a classic more rounded, angular, deliberately difficult to read, print, cursive, uppercase. The choice of fonts is not limited to existing options. It's much more fun to invent your own font which will be your individual style.
Come up with your style at once is very difficult. Beginners can focus on the already established works of other graffiti artists.
Select the most similar fonts. Try to imagine how will look your name written in them. Decide which font will fit more. Further, when writing the name, you could copy or slightly modify.
Take a sheet of paper (preferably A4 size) and a pencil.
Start to draw your name in selected font, light touches, removing flaws using the eraser.
Take your time, get the best result. Play around a bit with the font, make the letters more round, or, conversely, angular, change the size of the letters and their individual elements.
Pay special attention to the connection of the letters or the transition from one letter to another. Use your imagination, and then an inscription get creative.
Each time you will get better, after all, to learn how to write in graffiti practice is very important.
When the pencil sketch is ready, trace it with a pen and erase with an eraser pencil strokes.
Choose the color that your name looks good. Colors should harmonize in scale. Let's say you want to make a smooth transition from one color to color the first letter, to another, which will be the last sign. Then it is especially important to choose basic colors are the same intensity and lighter for transport. You will be spraying each other.
To think about colors is very important. If you have an intricate font, do not overload the inscription complex color combinations. A simple font will only benefit from bright, creative coloring.
Paint the name conceived by the markers.
When the desired sketch on the paper, transfer it to a concrete wall. Choose a wall with a slightly rough surface, reduce paint runs.