The splash guard or apron, wheel arches, is found not only on vehicles but also on motorcycles and on bicycles. Its main function is to protect from dirt, splashes and small stones flying from the wheels. The mudguards are attached to the rear of the wing, right behind the wheel.

The mudguards are made of different materials: rubber, metal, plastic, etc. the Most durable and comfortable considered to be a combination rubber-plastic mudguards. They are deprived of the main shortcomings of their products (too rigid in the cold season) and plastic (fragility) counterparts. Metal fenders are mainly used Narusova vehicles and trailers.

The mud flaps are mounted for each wheel of the vehicle. The front mudguard to protect them from the bottom of the car to prevent corrosion and premature wear of the body. The appointment of rear fenders wider: not only do they cover the body from the damaging effects flying particles, but also protect reaching behind the machine. Departing from under the wheels of the dirt falling on the windshield of the car traveling behind, can greatly reduce visibility for the driver of this machine, increasing the risk of an emergency. Moreover, the bodywork, lights and glass of the car can be damaged by rocks and ice.

Some drivers believe that since the splash guards are factory installed on all machines, so they are not needed and optional. This is not so. Passenger car mud flaps (in its classic form) are not always, but that doesn't mean that they are not just their functions are performed by the wings having a special form.

Need fenders enshrined in law. Paragraphs 10.1.1. and 10.1.2. "Technical regulation on safety of wheeled vehicles" (adopted by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation N 720 of 10 September 2009 (as amended on 06.10.2011)): "the Vehicle must be equipped with system of protection against splashing. The protection spray should be designed in such a way as to protect, to the extent possible, other participants of road traffic emissions from water, dirt, ice, snow and stones from under the wheels of the vehicle and reduce for road users of the dangers that can occur due to contact with moving wheels.