Before to understand the functional characteristics of the deflectors, one should clearly understand the meaning of the term. The popular name of this car accessory is "windshield". Its main function is the removal of air flows in the right direction to ensure that they performed certain functions.

Window deflectors

"The visor", is installed on car Windows are not the only comfort is located in it, but also greatly ensure the safety. Due to the deflectors window is continuously metered inflow of fresh air into the cabin, which prevents drowsiness caused by heat. Also air flow prevents fogging of the glass from the inside.

Besides ventilation, during the movement of the deflectors protect the vehicle from entering the cabin of dust, rain drops, passing items (e.g. cigarette butts from riding in front of cars) and insects. Optimizing and redistributing the air flow, the visor allow you to navigate comfortably at high speed even with all the Windows open and minimize drafts.

Other types of deflectors

Scope of the wind car accessory depends on its location. Deflector hood directs air flow to protect the paint from scratches and chips appearing on bare-metal "deflectors" machines due to hitting small stones in the body. At the same time the hood during movement is virtually isolated from the mud and crashing on the paint bugs. Headlight deflectors (or just "glasses") perform the same function, but for the illuminators. In the car with Luke often install special vents that functions similar to the window (ventilation, control drafts, noise reduction).

In addition, the variety of colors makes this auto accessory is a decorative detail. With eye-catching "Petrovichev" to emphasize the elegance of lines, to focus on certain parts and give the car individuality. In this case, chasing a spectacular design, you should not purchase the first beautiful baffles: they must be fully coordinated with the design of the car. When choosing it is important to remember that cheap options are less durable, and the load they have to withstand a large enough. It is better to give preference to products of famous brands tested that passed all the necessary tests.