Click on the "start" of the Windows operating system, which is located in the lower left corner of the task pane. Select the menu item "Run". A window will open run program by name. Enter in search bar "cmd" or "command", then click "OK" or press Enter. This will open the terminal. If you have the latest version of Windows 7, open the start menu and at the bottom is a search bar where you enter the same name and hit Enter or the magnifying glass icon.
Run the Mac operating system, OS, open the menu "Finder, and navigate to the directory "Programs" ("Applications"), select the section "utilities" ("Utilities"). Locate the Terminal application and run. You can also find command prompt using the menu "Spotlight".
Press the key combination "Ctrl+Space", then in the upper right corner to see the query string. Type the word "terminal". The program will start searching. Select from found it, near which is the inscription "Best match" or "Programs". Starting can be done by highlighting the file and pressing Enter or clicking "Return".
Look in the upper left corner of the desktop operating system Ubuntu menu "Applications". Click on it with the left mouse button. To open a menu of installed applications in which you click the item "Standard". Find the Terminal application and run the program. Some versions of Linux and different run command line. To do this, go to the menu "menu" where you click on "System" partition and select "Konsole" or "Terminal Program".
Check in advance with the various teams and how they enter into the terminal. Through the console, you can perform tasks such as launching applications, formatting disks, checking the network, deleting files and more.