You will need
  • computer, Internet connection
Perform a number of preparatory activities before you install terminal server. Reset settings of the operating system, i.e. install them by default. If the computer is a local network server, he should not act as a domain controller. Also, the PC should not be installed any custom program. Their setting must be done only after running the terminal server.
Go to main menu "start" and select "control Panel". Open the "administrative tools" and run the snap-in "Manage your server". In the dialog window, select the tab "Add or remove role" and select "terminal Server".
Read the information on the page "Summary of selections". If the data matches your requirements, go to the next stage of the terminal server configuration. It is highly recommended to close all other programs that the computer is not rebooted during the installation. Run the setup wizard, terminal server, wait for it to complete and restart the computer.
Click Configure Your Server log in the window that appears after rebooting the PC to see the changes made by the setup wizard the terminal server. After this, run Windows update and activate the work of the SCW.
Configure the server terminal licences, without which the period of connection on a local network with the server will be limited to 120 days. To perform this procedure, you must go to "control Panel", select the snap-in "add / remove programs" and go to the tab "Windows Components". Activate the Terminal Server Licensing. After the completion of the licensing process, the terminal server will be ready to work.