The dream about the sea

First, many Russians want to visit on the coast. Very interesting to look at the beautiful sunsets that paint the beauty of the sea. Enjoy the sea – that's fine.


You can, save up the funds to go to Dubai, which is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. It is called the city of the future, as it lives up to its name. The beauty of the buildings, landscape and much more it makes me want to visit that country. The desire to learn the culture of the people living there, also attracts. Many people want to visit museums, exhibitions, restaurants, in General, to enjoy this city in full.


Many people want to go to Paris - capital of France. Some tourists even want to try their famous frogs and oysters, and also to see a pantomime show, enjoy parks, beautiful architecture and the famous Eiffel tower that famous all over the world with its height of elegance day and night.


You can go to London - capital of great Britain. The most important and the first thing I would like to see are castles, homes, beauty of nature, because this city is full of history, of course, want to see the Queen, though for the average tourist it is almost impossible. Well, in General you can just enjoy the London atmosphere.


This country is famous for its tourist attractions, mainly such as Athens, Delphi, as well as the amazing beaches and crystal clear water.


This city is famous for the fact that there are people travel by water on boats, because there are all filled with water. You think it's beautiful? To look at such beauty of the buildings and ride on a boat around the city itself.

Disney Land and Hollywood

On the planet there are still many places that I would like to visit. One of these is everyone's favorite childhood Disney Land.

Many children and adults really want to ride on all the rides, take pictures with all the disney characters, just to get into the story.

Many people dream to visit Hollywood, walk the Avenue of stars, stumble at least a couple of movie stars and TV series to watch dedicated stars on the walk.

The planet is full of amazing and beautiful places that are worth visiting. As the saying goes, the planet will travel in 80 days, because I want to come to a beautiful place and to leave immediately, but want to stay there for at least a week to really fully feel the beauty.