Tomatoes, along with potatoes, peppers and eggplant are the basis of the diet in Central European zone. An example of a tomato that good fruit, resistant to fotosobraniya, low temperature conditions and care, and have excellent taste, you can serve fruit varieties are Thick F1.

Tall hybrid that requires tying, with mid-season period of fruit ripening is suitable for cultivation in open field and greenhouses film. The vegetation period of this plant is between 110 to 115 days. (from germination to harvest of the first fruits).

Powerful wrist type highly branched bushes Thick F1 to germinate height of three meters. Fruits rounded, weighing 100 to 120 grams of a uniform red color. One Bush produces up to 12 brushes, each of which Matures 8-10 tomatoes of excellent flavor.

Dense fruit perfectly transfer transportation, not crack and not overripe. Unripe green berries ripen during storage and on the road without losing flavor.

The bushes grow and produce fruit in the shade and in the sun. Tolerate heat and does not disappear with decreasing temperature.

With a single plant in a season cut about 15 kg sweet taste of tomatoes. The crop is versatile in use. Tomatoes can be eaten straight from the garden and use for conservation.