Almost all people are divided into two main categories – cat people and dog people. And often they are so different that it is hard for them to not just coexist, but even to understand each other.

Dog lovers by nature people are domineering and tough, with a predisposition to control and command. Regardless of the sex of the animal, it is always a reflection of the men (here is the time to remember about the similarity of Pets to their owners and Vice versa). In the case if the dog owner is a woman, then a pet, she projects the prototype of your perfect man and a desire to get loyalty and protection.

Categorical dislike of dogs also can characterize a person. Very often this leads to the existence of fear, often originating in childhood. Also one of the most common reasons is the unwillingness to subordinate all the time routine, which requires the training of the dogs. And some are sickened by the thought of turning the pet into an obedient slave, they were more like willful animals with character.

For example, cats. Not by chance did they walk by themselves. To state with certainty that the cat is not able to love his master and considers him only as the executor of their wishes is wrong. Just as with dogs, there are very many depends on education. And here already we are not talking about orders and commands, and the ability to find an intuitive touch and feel each other. It cats best read the energy and mood of a person. Some owners are lucky, and their cats are even treated.

Preconceptions about cats – weight. Signs of the terrible living until now, written about them, and in the middle Ages they are generally on a par with witches were subjected to the Inquisition. It's all vestiges of the past, but some logical explanation for this is. This files most often don't like cats people are pragmatic and down-to-earth: if the animal house is not guarded and Slippers in the teeth is not – hence, no sense in it. But cats – that is for the soul.

When one family going to the cat people and dog people – then have a hard time. Development options are several events at the zoo (where there is space) alternative pet (bird, rodent, reptile) or to have a baby and give him the opportunity to choose who he wants more.