Planting grapes produced in the Sunny areas. The most suitable regions for growing this variety from the Central and southern part of Russia.

Preparation of the soil is a mix of sand, humus and compost. Moreover, the proportion of sand is 50%. To plant grapes in the spring and summer, the exact time depends on the climate of the region. It is desirable that the aircraft was landing on the South side of the house near buildings or other plants. The distance between the seedlings should be not less than 80 see If there is an opportunity to set the groundwater level, then when finding water at a depth of less than 2 metres installed a drainage.

It is obligatory watering and fertilizing seedlings. When flowering it is not recommended to pinch off the top. Table grapes require a fair amount of leaves.

There are a number of problems that can be encountered when growing this variety.

- To ensure greater productivity it is necessary unnecessary to remove the grapes on time.

- You can not completely replace root feeding foliar. The leaf is a Supplement root during flowering.

- When pruning a young vine must leave 2 – 3 buds. It is not necessary to prune the vines, carrying out of a decorative fence or shed. There are many other varieties. You can't abuse the biologics, especially when the grapes growing in greenhouses.

In autumn the nutrients from the leaves go to the roots, so pruning in early spring produce. Shelter from frost in the winter be sure to provide sufficient access of air.

- Mulching only be done in warm soil, about the first half of June.

The time of ripening of the grapes "Brilliant" does not exceed 100 days. The berries, though of average size, but different speed of development. To reduce the risk of freezing requires covering with polyethylene. The use of fertilizers has a positive impact on productivity. Irrigation is carried out mainly by droplets. By following these simple rules, you can achieve excellent yields.