Herbs and spices (unlike spice) is a product of plant origin. They are obtained from various parts of plants: leaves, stems, blossoms, fruits and bark. In cooking they are often used in dried form, only in the region of growth can be used in dry and fresh.

When cooking should consider the use of various herbs and spices. If I prepare a cold appetizer, salad or dessert, the dish is let stand to absorb flavor and aroma of added spices. When cooking hot dishes should do the opposite, adding herbs and spices just before cooking and if the dish is non-greasy, they can be put just before serving. This is done in order for the taste and scent of spices does not escape with the steam.

It is better to use herbs and spices fresh, so they will give your taste and aroma of your dish. But this option usage is not always possible. In this situation, applied the most popular method of preservation is drying. Store dried spices you need in bowls with tight-fitting lid. To best preserve their taste and aromatic qualities of the spices and herbs are stored in whole form, crushed before use. However, compliance with these simple rules store dried flowers gradually lose their properties and qualities, therefore in house conditions it is better to store them not more than a year and only in small quantity that you need for cooking.

Another good method of preservation is the preparation of acetic tinctures. Although the possibility of eating them in this form is limited, but keep tincture can be an unlimited amount of time.

When consumed, especially hot and pungent compounds, practice moderation. In the presence of any disease should not use the seasoning, contributing to the development of the disease. But when used correctly herbs and spices they have a positive effect on the body.