Women know many ways how to clean Windows with improvised means. In the course are lemon, vinegar, ammonia - these recipes inherited from grandmothers. But times have changed, old wooden Windows is almost gone, and in their place came the glazing. Care of them less time consuming, but also has its own characteristics.

To care for plastic (or rather, polyvinylchloride) frame it is possible to buy a special detergent, and you can do your usual soap and water. Apply the solution on a soft cloth and wipe the perimeter frame. This will remove dust and dirt, but it will be a soap film. It is easy to remove by wiping the profile with a clean damp cloth.

Important! Do not use to clean plastic frames powders and tools with abrasive components or rough scouring pads. On the profile formed by the scratch and it will quickly fade.

Rubber inserts in the seals, which are located around the perimeter of the profile and folds that are responsible for tightness, and sound insulation. With improper care they can crack. Therefore it is necessary as you need to wipe them with a cloth with soap solution, then be sure to wipe dry. To clean the rubber gasket, you can apply some silicone lubricant or glycerin pharmacy. With a clean cloth to lubricate all the gum and grind. Grease is enough to hold 2 times a year.

Important! Rubber seals afraid of acid, alkali and abrasive, because under their influence the material collapses.

It is important to remove the dirt from the drainage holeslocated at the bottom of the profile. Failure to clean in danger of clogging of drainage channels window. In the end, the moisture will accumulate inside the profile.

Дренажные отверстия

You need to pay attention to the fittings of the frame. To the window and then properly lubricate all the accessories 1-2 times a year a special tool or machine oil.

Important! Choose grease for fittings without acids and resins in the composition, they are destroying the corrosion-resistant coating.

Helpful hint: regularly ventilate the room to avoid condensation on the glazing.