Windows can be cleaned to Shine with the use of household chemicals, and without it, the "Granny way". Store-bought cleaners contain chemicals that are harmful to the body, so it is better to give preference to people's ways of washing Windows. Yes, and after washing with a chemical agent, you can still see unsightly stains on the glass. And so you want to the glass was blinding purity.


First of all you should wear rubber gloves, to detergents and water harmed the skin. To clean the glass better with the microfiber cloth, this material perfectly absorbs liquid and dirt. Wash frames will fit a cotton cloth. Very convenient to use special sleeves for water, to which is attached a rubber blade.


The algorithm of actions

  1. Pour into a basin of clean water, a washrag. Wet cloth and squeeze it to remove the dirt from the Windows. Do not be hard pan, let the stains remain, remove them later.
  2. Then change the water to clean my frame, preferably with the use of shampoo (they cannot do any harm). Again change the water and wipe the frame clean.
  3. Apply the cleaner on Windows, glass, or we can use any ingredient of the popular ways of washing. Cleaner is removed from the Windows of a synthetic fabric, but a means of "Granny's recipe" - to wash them, using a napkin.
  4. And the last point – wipe the glass with a newspaper. This will prevent streaks and will give a unique Shine.


"Grandmother's recipes"

Our grandmothers coped with the washing of the glasses, and without a miracle-means. Their recipes will be useful to those who decided to abandon chemistry and wants to save money.

  • If in the process of washing Windows, add in water, vinegar or ammonia, the Windows are sparkling clean. This also goes for any mirrors.
  • Dilute 150-200 grams of chalk or tooth powder a pail of cold water. No other detergent is needed. Wash the window with water, wipe clean with a damp cloth and then dry with newspaper.
  • Add water bleach for 1 liter of water will need 40 to 60 grams of lime). This method is used for washing Windows with wooden frames. Plastic on the Windows, the lime may leave yellow unsightly stains.