Everyone is familiar with, it is the most disgusting feeling when I pick up a disease on the street or caught a cold, and now people have to suffer. The doctor may recommend only products based on paracetamol, because as those of cold medicine not. It is believed that you can just lie down for a few days and the disease will pass by itself. But sometimes the body needs extra help in the form of national (home) medicine. Effective ways of dealing with a cold will be discussed below.

The first step is to brew black tea, it needs to be moderately warm. Be sure to add a spoonful of honey or a slice of lemon. The more people consume this drink, the higher the chance to recover faster. If a strong tickle in the throat, you can drink tea and eat honey a bit of sugar, slowly releasing his throat. This contributes to destruction of bacteria and infection.

The second method is to use raspberries or garlic - your choice. The raspberry is a natural aspirin, it will help to neutralize the infection and restore the normal condition. Garlic with honey can be mixed and after taking small portions with water. You can also make a great inhalation based on garlic, which quickly get rid of a cold and will kill harmful bacteria in the nose and nasopharynx.

The third most unpredictable and dangerous method against colds – the hunger strike. Drinking not possible and necessary. It is impossible to stop the flow of new fluid in the body. It is believed that by abandoning food, the man starts a protection mechanism, which is very well fighting the disease. This technique is used seldom, and use it undesirable.

The fourth method is with the use of pepper vodka. Need to add a little red hot pepper in small amount of vodka, then drink immediately. This method is not suitable for people with liver problems and heart. Pepper will dilate the blood vessels and improve health, and vodka will help him in this.

Fifth method – use of milk. Warm milk can be added if desired: Bay leaf, vanilla, cinnamon and a few peppercorns. Milk contains a powerful soothing element which helps to improve the health and struggling with a cold.

The above methods may not be suitable for many people because of individual contraindications. If the disease has gone too far, and never gets any easier, you should contact a doctor for help, he will deliver an effective treatment that will certainly help.