This diet lasts 2 weeks. To achieve a result with it, will have to largely limit yourself and exclude a large number of foods from the daily diet. Breakfast is excluded. Of course, no one can deny, after waking up to drink a glass of water or a Cup of tea, but no more. Lunch the first day looks like this: one tomato, boiled egg chicken and a Cup of green tea. You can drink coffee, but tea is still preferable. The evening meal will delight a salad of cabbage and cucumber, and a couple quail eggs and half a small grapefruit. The next day, at lunch time we eat grapefruit, the egg of the hen or quail, coffee or tea. For dinner reward yourself with a cucumber and a piece of boiled beef. Lunch of the third day begins again with eggs, cabbage salad with cucumber and hot beverage of choice. Dinner is no different from the previous one. A new day for lunch again allowed a salad of cucumber and cabbage, and for dessert the grapefruit is eaten and washed down with a hot drink of your choice.

On the fifth day previous to lunchtime are added quail eggs in the amount of two pieces. In the evening hours it is possible to eat boiled fish their favourite salad. Don't forget to warm up green tea. In another "day in Hollywood," there is a new dinner salad of fruits, namely Apple, grapefruit and orange. Dinner no surprise: boiled meat, cabbage-cucumber salad and a relaxing hot drink. On the seventh day, at lunch time, prepare 200 g of boiled chicken, salad of cabbage and eat all the orange. Not to forget the tea. For dinner you can prepare a fruit salad that not so long ago appeared on the menu: Apple, orange, grapefruit.

For those who have forgotten – remember that diet will not last another week. Next morning we start all over again.