Banishing cholesterol inside the blood vessels, blood contaminated. Vessels thicken due to fat and become thick.

We must understand that the diameter of blood vessels affects their ability to nourish organs and tissues. If they are not fully saturated, the person continues to experience intense feelings of hunger, and it negatively affects those of the waist and hips.

The body begins to force you to eat more of its standing rules, and this leads to higher cholesterol, which leads to a vicious circle in which the diameter of the vessels continues to decrease.

And worst of all, the more narrow your blood vessels, the greater becomes the risk of atherosclerosis, which do not always appear scleroses. You can be a blooming young man, however, the heart and blood vessels may look like from a person twice your age. This will continue until the last step, a heart attack or stroke.

So it becomes important to take care of the cleanliness of the vessels. To achieve this quite easily if you follow all the rules of nutrition. The most effective in this case is the lacto-vegetarian diet. To normalize cholesterol levels should follow a few simple rules every day including in your diet:

• Vitamins, especially those that belong to the group, because they contribute a great fat metabolism;

• Vitamin C will strengthen blood stream, that is, strengthen the resistance of the vessels to the deposition of fat;

• Vitamin P strengthens capillaries and permeability of the vascular walls;

• Niacin promotes metabolism of cholesterol. You can find it in white fish, yeast, beans, broth hips and low-fat yogurt. Such products are in any case well suited for your daily diet.

For quite some time know, what foods contain large amounts of cholesterol, and these foods should also be consumed, as they are extremely useful. We must understand that without cholesterol, you can't survive. However, you should keep the percentage of getting it into the body in the normal range.

The main advice of nutritionists becomes the consumption of apples. They have a great ability to rid the body of excess cholesterol due to its high fiber content.