You will need
  • 1 Cup water - 3 tbsp gelatin
  • On 0,5 l of sour cream - 1 tbsp. sugar
  • Drop of vanilla (typically on the tip of a knife)
  • Strawberries - as you want
  • Shape (oblong or round)
  • Food film
In advance, for 30-40 minutes, soak the gelatin in warm water.
Gently mix the sugar and sour cream, add vanilla. It is important to mix, so the dessert turned out softer. While beating, it will be more dense.
Water with solution of gelatin, put on fire, continuously stir and warm, but not boiling. Once it is smooth – off.
Cool gelatin about 30 minutes, and while stirring pour in the sour cream, then vanilla and sugar. The order is not important.
In the form to put cling film, spread out arbitrarily cut the strawberries and pour the jelly-mass. You can immediately put in the refrigerator, and after hardening to enjoy the yummy.