You will need
  • –gelatin (25 g);
  • –milk (240 ml);
  • –cheese (670 g);
  • –brown sugar (140 g);
  • –fruit (banana, kiwi, mango, pear, Apple).
Take a large Cup, add gelatin and pour milk. Mix. Leave to infuse for 40-50 minutes. Don't forget to do this beforehand, so as to swell the gelatin takes a long time.
Curd mix with a blender with sour cream. Add the sugar and whisk again. If you did everything correctly, then you'll have a smooth consistency without the sugar crystals.
Fruits should be cut in a variety form. These can be circles, triangles, stars, hearts, etc. So the dessert will look particularly attractive. For a simple option, simply cut the fruit into small pieces.
Gelatin with milk, put on the burner and heated. Please note that gelatin can not be boiled. Therefore, turn off the stove when you see that the mass became more dense and viscous.
Fruits put in a beautiful form and pour the resulting mass. Let stand in a cool place for freezing.