It is important to protect from moisture parquet floors. If the water still got him, as soon as possible remove water from its surface and leave to dry. At strong pollution it is possible to apply lacquer petrol. Also called white spirit. The varnish layer protects against excess water, but will require periodic updates.

For regular cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner and only occasionally to resort to wet cleaning dry cloth. You can even take a broom wrapped with a rag, and thus to sweep the floor with her. In any case it is not necessary to do wet cleaning, if the flooring is covered on top with wax or oil.

In spite of greater durability, there is a probability of little scratches and unexpected attritions. To prevent them apply to protect the funds and odorless, which is diluted with water. Usually it is either wax, or diluted regular varnish. To increase the service life of the floor you can use oil.

Use hard and soft small special mats to protect against hard particles of sand and various fluids. If you have a dog, be sure to wash paws after every walk. Special tools will help to clean off the floors of any possible contamination.

To increase the shelf life better than all the furniture put either on mats, or to apply overlays. Simply place the legs under a special layer of felt or felt. There are floor mats that are completely transparent and made of PVC.

Depending on the load of the floors varies and the number of application of means to care for flooring. The most common places for care are the hallways and near the elevators and doors. Where the floors receive the greatest load. As a result, it is necessary once a week to care for floors in stores, schools and cafes. Every two weeks care is required in the floor in the office and the hallway. A couple of times a month is sufficient for cleaning in other places.

The layer of flooring that is under a coating of varnish, you need to change it every 5-6 years and sanded to 0.3 mm. the very same Board where there is coverage, will serve 13 to 15 years. To increase the duration of service will help maintain the necessary humidity in the room. Frequent airing and maintaining the heating at 20 degrees will not create excess moisture. The range of the desired humidity for wood flooring from 45 to 60%. If it is broken, the planks of the floor can expand and look like "boats".