If you purchased a rabbit that drank exclusively from the bowl, to the process of water consumption from the vertical trough with the bulb it will have to teach. Meet smart animals quickly understand what was happening. Others may not realize the mechanism and the advantage of drinker for quite a long time.
как приучить кролика к лотку
Just settlements in a new cell, a rabbit may not drink or eat for several hours. Let the animal get comfortable, don't disturb him this time. Soon the rabbit will come around and always interested in food and water.
как приучить кролика к туалету
Bring the rabbit to the bowl and lightly poke his nose into a ball for drinking. Try not to scare the animal. Drizzle water on the nose of the rabbit, so he licked the drops. If normal water is not attracted to kid, I can fill the troughs some carrot juice or lubricate the bulb with milk. Perhaps a Supplement to the diet will interest a rabbit.
как сделать поилник для кролика
If the rabbit is persistently ignores the drinker, check whether you have attached it. Changing the angle of inclination can shut off access to water. Remove the bowl and carefully study its design – it is possible you got a defective copy. It happens that the hole in the nose of the drinker is too narrow – it can be expanded with the help of manicure scissors. If the water do not enters the tube, a drinking bowl should be replaced.
как зделать клетки кроликам
A drinker is functioning, but your pet is still not suited to it? Take a little time to accustom the animal can take several days. Don't be mad at the rabbit and try to influence by force – it may start to fear you and waterers.
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Watch the level of water in the flask. Large rabbit in the hot season drinks the entire contents of drinker per day. But there are also those who don't need this amount of water. If your pet consumes a lot of succulents – fresh herbs, vegetables or apples – maybe he is getting enough fluid from them. However, the water should gradually decrease is an indication that the drinking regime of the animal in order.