People with good looks and a well-proportioned figure to live on this planet seems to be easier than those to whom nature was not so generous. However, in practice it turns out that this is not the most important thing, in life there's much to know and be able to survive. When the child grows up, with his appearance be a big change, and yesterday a Swan, maybe, no matter how offensive, will turn to the usual grey duckling. But if the girl was taught to rely on their pretty face, in life, it will have to wait for some suffering.

Of course, she can manage to find a good job, find her Prince, and even to marry him. But as soon as her looks start to fade, it will become clear that behind this beauty, only emptiness.

No one would argue that the girl should be able to take care of their appearance. But it is not necessary to dwell on it. You do not want in a couple of years to the capricious Queen with star disease?

To make compliments about appearance is possible and even necessary - those girls who looks all right, but they are not confident. In the end, when the young beauty grows up, she will be convinced of the veracity of your words, but will not acquire such bad qualities as narcissism or vanity.

But if the girl has a small problem with appearance, the mother will have to teach her how to correct them. It should be made clear to the child that it is not weaknesses, and peculiarities. A small scar in the form of stars, or hated this mole, because this no more is not one. And it's amazing that all people on the planet different. Give an example of a beautiful, but intelligent and successful women who have used or are using now so popular, although they never blended in with existing ideals of beauty. It is especially necessary to ensure that the girl does not attract too much attention from adult males. Tell her what clothes and makeup should be appropriate to approach the case.

Long legs and tall height could be accidentally given any of us a capricious fate. But grooming, good manners and upbringing, sense of humor, ability to wear makeup and good taste - all this is achieved with POMOSHHI strong will and strong character.