Does not mean that you need to go on about his bad mood. Temporary Blues though, and leaves its mark on the emotional state of a person, but there are many ways to change this situation. It's enough to sincerely want to change your attitude and not afraid to perform simple actions.

One of the popular methods is a method of psychological relaxation. You will need to get rid of unwanted stress and to clear your thoughts. The essence of this method is simple and thirty minutes is enough in order to solve urgent problems on the mental level. It is enough to allocate free time - and people will immediately see how his mood changes. It is necessary to find a secluded place to forget about problems and work. At this time, the man can do whatever he comes to mind: to dance, to sing, to jump for joy, to shout. You can do all the things that I would like to do, but interfere with the reaction of others.

Also very effective method is listening to motivational audio recordings. In order not to take in bad thoughts, you need to constantly distract you. Nothing helps as motivation for action and striving for the best.