Mostly men, who grew up in a family without a father, deprived of male education. With the birth of a boy was raised by his mother or grandmother, was pampered and indulged throughout. So, as an adult, he remained dependent on the mother, not knowing where her feelings end and begin. From childhood he is taught that all women in the hunter's apartment and his freedom. So growing up, he still lives with his parents.

Mom too can understand, all her life she was raised by a man and now should give it to another woman. Suddenly the daughter-in-law can't handle it?

There are many psychological portraits, but "sissy" is particularly interesting so as not to fall in love with this man very, very difficult. Men of this type are courteous, attentive, well-mannered and know how to please women. But life with this man will not be easy. Women who are in love with "Mama's boy", waiting for some complexity.

He's tied to his mother, as was accustomed, from childhood, all decisions are made by the mother and the responsibility is also on it. She decides what to wear, what club to go, what specialty to choose, so the wife's choice of the word mom can be decisive. You need her to like us.

To make your marriage happier, get ready in some sense to be his mom and to be the only woman in the first place will always be his mother. It will always be you to compare.

Advice to women in this situation:

  • You will have to make friends with her mother in law. Otherwise, one day, the husband takes the position of the mother, and then before the divorce near.
  • 't try to educate her man, show that he is a real man. It's hard, but family happiness is worth it. Constantly we have to understand that you are a weak woman who needs care and protection.
  • Take my husband under his wing, become his second mother. Take care, protect, guide and ultimately her husband will move to you. Many women do it with great pleasure.

Remember that happiness and peace of mind your family is in your hands.