In ancient times, pearls were worn only by emperors and kings, in Russia, pearl accessories were only available to ladies of the highest aristocratic society. Their refined, sissy and the elegant look is very consistent with the string of pearls. In the 20th century the development of technology was not in place, the pearls have learned to grow in artificial conditions, making it accessible to all.

Pearls are often considered the age decoration intended only for respectable women. Young fashionistas are advised to be very careful about wearing pearl jewelry for young girls suitable alternative is considered to be wrapped around the neck a long string of pearls. The most common and versatile option, suitable for all single string of pearls.

Pearls will adorn any office or evening outfit, it is only necessary to remember that the thicker the material of the dress, the higher may be the beads in the necklace. To easy summer outfits you can pick up a thin thread with tiny pearls. Be combined with other decorations such as chains, beads of contrasting colors, bright colors. In ordinary life permissible to wear pearl jewelry with jeans and a jacket, sweater or turtleneck with a collar under the throat.

When choosing pearls you should consider the age and pay attention to the combination with the skin tone. There are simple axiom: the younger the woman, the smaller size beads in the necklace. The perfect addition to any type of skin will be white and cream pearls. Pink pearl will be in harmony with the delicate light skin of blondes and redheads, and Golden is advantageous to emphasize dark skin tone.

Pearl jewelry give the wearer additional gloss and refinement, emphasize the perfection of elegance and style.