It's really true! Still, doing nothing, lying on the couch and faithfully to make friends with laziness — it's very simple. Much harder not to give in to laziness and bad habits, that is, every minute, every moment to be in confrontation with yourself. And to all the people began to follow the right way of life and to move in the direction of sports, you must know some very important facts:

  • Bad habits strike out 30 minutes of life out of every day.
  • The extra weight reduces the life expectancy of 5 years, and obesity and even more in 10-15 years.
  • Daily physical activity for 20 minutes, increase the life span of 2 years.

How to start if no experience in the sport? Very often, after the appearance of such a question, people pick the right exercise with excessive load or begin to "give up", saying nothing.

To get started is to revise your daily diet to include healthy and balanced food. Diet is again, a terrible word that inspires fear in every person. Also many people think that by this word I understand the complete abstinence from food. That's complete nonsense. Diet - a proper food intake.

Everyone knows that the human body contains 80% water. So taking sufficient amount of water per day is necessary-and proper daily nutrition. It is also necessary to consume water during workout. After dehydration to improve the health well will not lead. The water balance need to maintain after every 10-20 minutes, approximately 1/4 of a liter at a time. Otherwise, performance is reduced by 20-30%.

Some basic rules for exercise:

  • It is recommended to start with an active walk. It will be a great workout for the body, and it is sufficiently filled with oxygen.
  • The load on the body should increase gradually each day. If after exercise pain or discomfort, it is desirable not to do for a while. It is better to change to something lighter.
  • It is best to exercise in the morning or afternoon, because by evening the body is tired, and can sneak up insomnia.
  • Do not eat before exercising, at least 30 minutes. Otherwise the exercise will be much harder.