Translating this word from French, we can immediately understand its main color preference. Yes, it's black. Somehow, in the view of the majority this color is associated with depression and death, but it is impossible to deny its depth, sophistication and even sexuality.

The so-called additional notes can be shades of gray, noble Burgundy, blue and contrasting white. This style comes from the merger of the ideas of Gothic and minimalism. Appeared in 30-e years in America, in the great and gloomy era gangsters. Design Noir is appropriate to use in the living room, the bathroom and the kitchen, but not in the bedroom (especially children's) or small rooms.

Gorgeous colour, gorgeous texture. So, for furniture use the skin (especially the fashion styling Python), glossy fabric or other materials, elegant velvet and precious wood (black in particular). Using for decorative sterling silver chain small thickness, may give furniture elegance and dark mystery. Best of all, they will look on the chairs or floor lamps.

Someone scare the abundance of black, and someone will get drunk and even ceilings make black. By the way, if you use point lights, it is possible to create the effect of the night sky.


A few wild style, from which emanates a brutal romance. The Western is a kind of eco-style, because the basic material is wood of different breeds. The tissue here is also natural and predominantly coarse – cotton, leather, wool, linen, and burlap. The base colors here are shades of brown, crimson, red and dark green.

As textiles for curtains and cushions you can use fabric Navajo and as a decorative fringe. Ethnic elements are colored Mexican rugs and blankets, cactus in large clay pots, cowboy lasso, hides, animal horns, horse print. In General, anything that conjures up thoughts of the Wild West.