Functions to listen and hear mean in this context by the psychological reactions that play a fundamental role in the interaction between people. Listening is an important element, implying the ability to listen to the interlocutor, without interrupting his thoughts. This quality is very valuable because not everyone possesses them. Because when a person starts interrupting and not listening, it can cause some pretty serious negative reaction, and subsequently to bring to the conflict or a major scandal. In addition, the ability to listen can help to win over the person is interested in and to gain his attention.

The ability to hear important response item which involves a response to information that outlined the source. Even if people misunderstood him, he would understand that it was heard, and he will gladly explain what I wanted to convey. In this process, the most important is the presence of feedback and the formation of dialogue, without which people just cannot communicate in full force. Exactly what is formed today's society there is a socialization of the person. Without these important processes, as a rule, the person begins to lead a solitary life, which can lead to deviant behaviour and aggression.

Many people who experience difficulties and the inability to learn to listen and hear themselves, often come with such requests to qualified psychologists who help to cope with emerging problems. This gives you the opportunity to learn to exist without the old the new and notable features of the psychological barriers.

In addition, in the workflow such functions are also required. Because without them it is impossible to establish a normal contact with colleagues or superiors. Therefore it is very important at least to try to eradicate those flaws that can create serious difficulties in communication, because they form constraints and psychological barriers for anyone.