The definition of communication skills

Communication skills – ability to communicate. The level of this skill depends on the character of the individual, and how he works on himself. The art of communication includes the ability to establish rapport with others and maintain it, as well as the ability to make other people the right impression.

In addition, when communicating is important to be able to defend their own interests with the help of well-chosen and presented argument, because the success of communication is measured in how close you are to the target.

For mastering the art of communicating with people you will need knowledge of psychology. Through this science you will learn what actions or words can be expected from others in a given situation. Examining the value of gestures and facial expressions, you can use not only verbal but also non-verbal way of communicating.

Development of communication skills

The best way to become a guru in the field of interpersonal communications – more practice. Connect their theoretical knowledge with practical training in a real situation, and then be able to develop their communication skills.

Make a commitment to create the right atmosphere during conversation. Remember that each person needs to choose its approach. In determining the right way will help you to diagnose the psychological state of your interlocutor.

Don't forget about your goals when communicating. To make it not just pleasant for all participants, namely productive, you need to meet their goals. The better you manage it, the better you can use the communication skills.

In communication it is important to be adequate to the environment in which you are located. You should examine the rules of conduct and traditions of the people with whom you need to establish contact. You should also not neglect the etiquette and tact.

Effective communication is based not only on the ability to convey their own thoughts and ideas. It is important to learn to listen to opponents and to correctly interpret their words. To show the other person that you are genuinely interested in the content of the conversation, use the techniques of active listening. Ask specifying questions, keep eye contact, smile.

The person owning the basic communication skills feel confident in communication, it is easier making new friends, learning about himself and other people, faster resolves conflict situations, developing and samosovershenstvovaniya.