The rule is 20 minutes

How much time is necessary to spend at the table that the food was thoroughly chewed and went only on advantage? It is established that 20 minutes is the norm for a proper and healthy diet. Making meals over a fixed time, savored every piece of food and the stomach gets thoroughly chewed food. This allows you to lose weight without a specific diet. To use this method better than using the alarm that will not allow you to get up from the table sooner.

Long sleep on guard weight

Every lack of sleep increases appetite. The body compensates for the lack of sleep with food. A clear relationship between insufficient sleep duration and diabetes, as disturbed balance of hormones appetite. If Wake is nearing midnight, the thought of food is inevitable. By eating 2500 calories daily long sleep allows you to lose up to 7 pounds a year. If the rate of calories is much higher, there is a need to rely solely on a balanced diet and exercise.

Vegetables and satiety

Rich in fiber and water filled vegetables allow you to satisfied, and save some calories. The recipe in this case eliminates oil. So, abandoning the fatty gravies, vegetables dressed with lemon and spices. Cooked vegetable soup fills so that you do not need the second dish. The only requirement is to not add salt, since it retains fluid and causes the weight gain. To cook soups should on the water. Not allowed during weight loss creamy soups.


To achieve this goal, you want to diversify the diet. To include in the dish instantly satisfy hunger brown rice. This variety of rice is not enriched with starch like white, so works great on the weight loss. Nutritionists recommend among the grasses and oats. Cereal has gained the trust of professionals because it contains the fiber, which actively participates in reducing weight. Fiber is a kind of "brush" for the intestines as it cleans, removing waste products. Enriched with minerals, buckwheat belongs to the group of low calorie cereal. The carbohydrate composition of buckwheat is easily digested, but not immediately absorbed into the bloodstream which prevents weight gain. The high protein content allows the buckwheat to quickly satisfy hunger.