Versatile and comfortable leggings came into our lives and settled in the wardrobes of fashionistas due to its comfort and practicality. Because tights is a truly versatile garment, they are suitable for wear at any time of the year, combined with the weight of other clothes, and lend a flattering shapely figure.

Leggings are easy to match with skirts, shorts, sweaters, tunics, dresses. There is one fundamental rule that leggings is not pants, they need to carry things, having a length approximately to mid-thigh.

A good will be a combination of leggings and shirts, provided that its length is enough to cover the buttocks. Colors can be varied. It is a red plaid shirt and black leggings. To the shirt you can add a stylish accessory in the form of a leather belt.

A good idea to look combination of spacious tunics or long shirts with leggings. It is sportier and more informal option. Leggings look good to short dresses above knee length, wool dresses, sweaters, long cardigan. Get a warm winter look. For young girls and Teens will look great combination of short skirts and tights.

For summer socks to fit losina sandals without a heel on a flat sole, ballet flats, sandals, sneakers or espadrilles. Importantly, to withstand the color gamut of the image.

In cold leggings can be worn with any Shoe. Will look great boots, boots, moccasins, sneakers, uggs. Moreover, the height of the heel or wedgies are not important.

Don't forget that the girls who tend to be overweight, leggings are not suitable as they only accentuate all the imperfections of the figure. You should pay attention to the colors, pattern and prints of leggings, because bad colors can ruin the overall impression of the image and show a figure in a bad light.