1. Never force your child to stay in kindergarten for the whole day on his first day in a new and unfamiliar place. This can badly affect its further adaptation to the garden, and can also cause harm to his psychological state.

2. Try to keep trips baby to kindergarten was systematic and regular. You can't tell him "Today we will not go to kindergarten, because they overslept, are tired, didn't have Breakfast, or just lazy". It may once and for all discourage the child to go to primary school and interact with their peers.

3. Do not leave the garden abruptly, without saying goodbye to the baby, leaving him in the care of nurses. This can cause the baby starts to cry and throw a fit, and you do not want to go to the place where his beloved mother retreated, not having time with him to say goodbye properly, to encourage him and tell him how much she loves him.

4. Try to feed your baby, regardless of his age and the number of milk teeth in her mouth. You should not give him food out of jars, because when he goes to kindergarten, no one would do that. Besides, "canned food" slows the development of chewing and swallowing reflex of the baby that will lead to significant difficulties with his food in kindergarten.

5. Try to do so the baby kept at home one day mode, which is used in kindergarten, where you gave your child. Otherwise, the child will be very problematic to observe the two modes, and this can disturb his NAPs.

6. You should not promise the baby mountains of gold in return that he would walk in the garden. If you will each buy the child sweets or toys just so he went to kindergarten, pretty soon he will learn to manipulate you, and you will find yourself in the thrall of its requirements and himself. So be wise and firm in his decisions, not to harm your baby, and don't go all my life have it on occasion.