Indeed, at most every good parent wants to raise a decent son or daughter, invest in child only the best, while the society offers an education of dubious quality at that stage when the child's mind is being formed. But do not hurry with the choice, especially when it comes to parenting. You should first weigh all the arguments "for" and "against".

For the first time being separated from the mother, the child will experience stress. And this cannot be avoided, because the family is not to replace even the most sensitive caregivers. Many children find it hard to get used to the regime, especially if the house parents have always been quite liberal and in fulfilling every whim. The inability to be alone and to only do what you want, the first will be a very upset child. Bad peer influence is also an obvious disadvantage of the kindergarten. But it is inevitable that children's institutions are visited by different children from different families. Even the best children will not be able to keep everything under control. Some kids are simply incorrigible in their manner of communication.

Some parents are concerned about the fact that in kindergarten, children often pass each other diseases and thus sometimes formed even epidemic. The child often hurts and this fact can not be refuted. But at the same time, it may be an advantage, because thus the child becomes immune.

At the same time, the primary stress of the child first came into society not so terrible, it will reduce the stress of a child after admission to the school, help you adapt and adjust to the educational process.

In kindergarten the process of primary socialization is so necessary for each person. Only a holistic education, which includes care of the family and socialization in children's school can give the child a preparation for real life.