One of the most popular cosmetic products for applying tone are liquid foundations. It can be fluid, cream, BB cream with tonal effect. When using your makeup will have the most natural look. It's perfect for everyday use.

Most women use liquid Foundation because of the ease of application: you can use sponges, brushes, apply with fingers. The main thing is to pick up the tone – this can be done by way of applying Foundation on your chin, after which it needs shade and then you can see the difference between your skin color and tool.

Still to give a perfect tone, you can mix a "pea" of your day cream and Foundation, so the consistency was liquid, as the creams have a very compact structure and you can create known to "mask effect". Very important after applying Foundation with your fingers to blend concealer on the temples and cheekbones, at the bases of hair growth. Very often thick creams are sold with the sponges and brushes in a handy case with mirror, therefore, going in the evening to a party or a date, be sure to take it with you so that you can improve your makeup.

To create a perfect tone, use the concealer pencil to the point of use. This will help to disguise scars, birthmarks, pimples and pigmentation. The best method of application is the use of a brush. Apply onto "your lack of" give a little dry and the cream only if you need to shade. This pencil should choose one tone lighter than the Foundation. And it is important to use a concealer together with Foundation, then you will be able to achieve the ideal result. Also, the concealer can be used for contouring the face to highlight the cheekbones, temples, chin and nose.

For securing your tone be sure to use translucent powder. It is suitable for any shade of your choice. This will make your skin matte and give a natural look. But if you are going to the party, it is a good idea to apply the bronzer with light reflecting particles, this skin will look perfect.