The paint is a special spray gun. Volumes range from 200 to 500 grams. Do not have to possess professional skills to work with her. It will be enough inspiration and desire to create. A big plus is the lack of additional equipment such as brushes and rollers. Application range widely in everyday life. It is used on almost all surfaces, and the pigment immediately eats into the surface.

The undeniable advantages are resistance to ultraviolet radiation, bright colors and natural composition. The only drawback is the inability to mix multiple colors simultaneously. Precautions are the same as when working with any chemicals. When using these paints need to wear a face mask, gloves, ventilate the area, and be sure to protect the container from exposure to high temperatures.

The types of spray paints

Enamel paint. These colors have remarkable adhesive properties and are used when painting individual parts, for example, the refrigerator handle.

Aerosol lacquers. They are versatile and suitable for almost all surfaces and give a dazzling gloss of the treated surface.

Heat-resistant paint. Used for painting heating elements and surfaces, such as fireplaces. Temperature threshold of such coatings reaches 600 degrees.

Conditions of use

Before you spray paint, you must clean the surfaces from grease and dirt. Next, you shake the can well and hold it in a vertical position, at a distance of 30 santimetrov from the surface. To achieve a more saturated tone spray worth going twice. But we must remember that from multiple prokrashivania can form streaks.

There are many ideas in decorating and improving the interior, which will help to bring to life spray paint. Affordable price, ease of use and versatility - these are invaluable qualities that make it so popular among the people.