Friend is the closest person, with whom you can share the joys of victories and bitterness of defeats. She can ask for advice. Often a sense of light poisoning such a thing as envy. Green demon, who lived inside, to eradicate, at times, very difficult.

First of all, do not blame themselves for the emergence of such emotions. Envy is a feeling, like joy, love, jealousy, and people can not do without it. Drawing attention to successful people, you can understand what I want from life. Importantly, this emotion did not develop into something more (hate).

The main causes of jealousy

In human life there are moments that are the envy more than the others. These include:

  • Money. Her appearance obviously, when one friend has good income, while the second is interrupted by a penny for a penny, saving every rouble.
  • Children. In particular, childbirth and the number of Peeps.
  • Marital status. Happy relationship, marriage.
  • Figure. Physically, the friend is considered far more attractive, thin.

Can I save the friendship?

Reasons to be jealous a lot, especially between friends. A loving husband, happy family, successful children, a great body, a career. Is it possible to save a friendship if the worm of envy already?

The first thing to do is to sit down and analyze the situation. Maybe she was just lucky, or maybe it has developed problems and disappointments, which can not be seen immediately. For example, one of her friends suggested a good position and second to none. Why did this happen? Maybe the first works better, or is delayed until late or she's having an affair with the boss. Can also second to sacrifice free time? But to risk the relationship by taking advances from a nasty person?

On the other hand, happy if the first friend with one that wants the second. No less than if she had no reason for envy? It is worth remembering that friendship is communication not the same people, but different, complementing each other. If you do not want to lose my girlfriend, then you need to try to save this relationship. Envy will always appear in some specific aspects, but need to be able to hold her and enjoy her victories friend.