Have You heard about this? For sure. Our skin is a complex organ with many continuous processes. To maintain its beauty and health is necessary to regulate water balance, and it is here that hyaluronic acid in the form of cosmetics or injection comes to our rescue. Its molecules are able to hold quite a large number of water molecules, connect them together and maintain the skin hydrated, while maintaining its protective properties.

What types of hyaluronic acid are in cosmetics?

First, low molecular weight. This acid is used to treat serious skin problems (burns, ulcers, acne, inflammatory diseases). Usually, this hyaluronic acid is found in creams, serums, lotions that must be applied in a thin layer on the face; it is advisable to use the creams with the effect of the film, as they do not allow the liquid to evaporate. Low molecular weight acid promotes greater synthesis of collagen and has a therapeutic effect.

Weight hyaluronic acid inhibits the proliferation of cells, so used in the treatment of diseases of the joints and eyes.

Finally, high molecular weight hyaluronic acid – the same one that is used for skin rejuvenation and is administered by injection. This contributes to a long chain of molecules that holds a lot of moisture in the skin. This allows high molecular weight hyaluronic acid to correct the face oval, to play the role of "fillers" that fill even the deepest wrinkles.

If You are interested in the use of hyaluronic acid and You want to test its effect, then consult a doctor-cosmetologist about Your own indications and contraindications! Conventional cosmetics to cause allergies is very rare, but about the injections and their behaviors, You should inform the doctor to avoid possible complications.