The main role the kitchen plays not even the kitchen set and the innovative inventions of home appliances and color scheme, which made wall. After all, if the walls saturated colors and bright paintings or other decorative items, it greatly reduces the visual space. If the walls in pastel tones, on the contrary it makes the kitchen space and a wider and higher. As for the interior pastel colors, they should be deleted, since they will either look ridiculous, or "eat" place. Ways to make the walls of your kitchen a unique a great many. An example of this can be changing the Wallpaper, tiles, paint and other things.

Tile in the kitchen is an apron, and how to glue the Wallpaper, it is clear to everyone. But what if the owner decided to retreat from the traditional papering the walls of Wallpaper and paint the walls? How to choose a paint? First you need to comprehended what you do is:

1.Water dispersion and water-based (acrylic, latex) These types of colors almost immediately caught up with wall base, dry quickly and, in about two hours, almost completely disappears from the room.

2. Alkyd paint (AK) these types of colors immune to temperature changes, have small consumption.

3.Silicone paints (SA) These colors are the most ideal for painting kitchen walls, as they have all the advantages of the above materials. These colors can perfectly show yourself on not dried and plastered surfaces. Also they have no flaws, not taking into account the cost. The price of this paint is much more expensive but it's worth it, because after reading the above written, I want to buy this kind of paint which will not have problems.