The basis for this coating is a high-strength particleboard or MDF (chipboard or fibreboard). The production technology is as follows: on the upper surface of the plate is laid a layer with a decorative coating in the form of parquet, stone, tile, and other design solutions.

Wide range, up to simulate natural materials attracts buyers. Laminate is practical in use. He is not exposed to sunlight, its surface can be easily removed dust and stains. This is due to a protective film composed of melamine or acrylic resin. In order to avoid mechanical defect of the laminate when cleaning do not use abrasive substances. Special or ordinary liquid detergent is suitable for cleaning laminate. One of the main advantages of this coating is the ease of installation that do not require a large expenditure of time. Due to the fact that the coating is not nailed and not glued, and laminate installation requires only a flat surface. Allowable changes in floor height by 1 meter of this coating is equal to 2 millimeters. This will guarantee long life of the laminate.

Due to the fact that the laminate is characteristic of deformation under the influence of changes of temperature and humidity, it is important to observe clearances of a few millimeters around the perimeter of the room. In the laying of the coating compounds used according to the type of castle consisting of grooves and tongues, which avoid the ingress of moisture is treated with a sealant. If water gets into the laminate, you need to collect in the shortest possible time. At long stay of water on the cover, remove the baseboard and thoroughly aired. Otherwise, the water, once inside the plate of the laminate, will lead to swelling and rapid wear. Also avoid using drying devices. To eliminate minor scratches on the cover, there are special pastes that you can choose the color of laminate.

When selecting laminate flooring should not skimp on its quality and durability.