Laminate flooring: advantages and disadvantages

Laminate flooring, multi-layer coating, which are cardboard and paper, the outside of the applied plastic film with a pattern or sometimes furniture foil. Due to this top layer, laminate can mimic a natural coverage, mostly different types of wood or ceramic tile.

The laminate plate have interlocking connection of the tongue and groove or just driven into each other, so mount this cover very simple. The upper protective and decorative layer provides good resistance to mechanical stress and damage, some types of laminate and waterproof. Unlike wood coating, laminate is fireproof and it does not leave stains from wine or coffee. Dense structure and the protective top layer does not allow bacteria to penetrate and multiply in this material.

The disadvantages include the joints which are the weakest point of the coating and can absorb moisture. In addition to special types, laminate is very susceptible to water and in contact with a large amount of liquid can deform. The top layer is electrostatic and draws on the surface of dust particles. To reduce the effect of the drum and muffle the sound of steps, under the laminate it is necessary to lay special porous film substrate.
The coating thickness of lamina may be about 10 mm, the thickness of the plates of PVC of 2 mm.

The pros and cons of PVC tiles

It's the same linoleum, but cut into slabs, which are stacked on glue or mounted together with the tool joint. This heterogeneous coating consisting of several layers of polyvinyl chloride.

The advantages of PVC tiles is the ease of installation and mounting safety that allows you to use tiles for flooring in children's rooms, no harmful chemical emissions. The tile also features a high moisture resistance and fire safety, long life and wide decorative possibilities. It is impact resistant and has anti-static, sound insulating and noise absorbing properties, it is convenient to repair and replace local places.
Tile PVC can be set system "Warm floor".

The only significant disadvantage of PVC tiles are synthetic, artificial materials from which it is made. Therefore, the choice you must make based on the properties and advantages of these materials as well as functional use of a room.