Each country has its own street fashion. To be fashionable and stylish, then focus on Europe because it sets the fashion.

The Streets Of London

In London, people used to Express themselves in a special way. Here you can find a street fashionistas who have something to learn from young people. Almost all people think that if summer is gone, so you need to change the wardrobe in a calm tone. Maybe so, but not in London. At least one bright color, but it must be present in the image.

Stand out from the crowd, this is the main objective of the fashionistas. For example, the collar busy with a lemon-colored or red top in clothes. But we must remember that the bright thing best combined with classic elements. Blue - the favorite colors. This color will match any shades in clothes. You can start with a pale sky and a bright finish. And it follows that the actual color of the jeans. Denim jumpsuit is a great trendy way.

Now about shoes. This year in fashion heeled shoes with pointed ends. This kind of shoes was invented for those who have a narrow foot and love towards the heels. In the same fashion ankle boots heels square shape. These shoes will combine well with Capri.

Handbags. Bags large size now in Vogue. It is best to choose clutch bags and bags that have tiny hands. Popular colors for handbags today that rich green, deep blue and bright yellow. The main accessory — a bright, long scarf. Material suits even welcome fur.