There are several forms of women's wallets that are popular and are at the top of the fashion hit parade for several seasons.


As a rule, has an elongated vertical shape that fits comfortably in a bag of any size. Perfect for those fashionistas who need to put a large number of cards. Of course there is a small pocket for small coins and two compartments (some models have one compartment for bills. This form can be compared with the book.

Wallet size A5

This form occupies a small space and is ideal for bag small size the walking option. Usually, the outside is a compartment for small items, and inside is a compartment for bills. But this is due to the specific cut glosses over bills. For cards of branches in such form as provided.

Purse direct form

The most versatile option which is popular among all ages. Its advantage is that it does not involve any complex shapes and does not need to fold, as most of the options. Typically, it has one compartment for bills and one compartment for coins. Although this form can not accommodate a lot of stuff and just created for keeping money, it takes quite a long time the highest places among other fashion trends.

As for colors and materials, the middle-aged women, tend to choose wallets made of leather. This decision depends on how the wallet is practical. Although this option is one of the most practical, it is a rather expensive option, which young people rarely. Youth options the most popular purses of small size with bright prints. A new trend is also considered the owl print, which is forecast modelers will still be relevant in the summer months of 2016.