First trip of the child with kindergarten as a great emotional stress for all. The child, who was around the clock with my mother, immersed in a new, unknown world for him. This is a big test for his mentality, because he goes out of his comfort zone, stands out from the usual rhythm of life. The biggest psychological barrier for a child is the fear of losing the mother.

Allow your child to take to kindergarten toy. Let him choose what toys today will take. Due to the favorite toy, the baby will not feel lonely, because with him will be a little bit of home.

Sometimes the child begins to cry and throw a fit in the locker room or at the approach to kindergarten. Try not to scold him, and quietly to undress, to say goodbye and give it to the teachers as soon as possible. The more you try to persuade him, the louder and stronger will become hysterical. Don't worry that after you leave he will cry all day. Such children immediately calm down and get distracted playing with the other children. Of course, it is hard to see how the baby cries, but should not cry with him, it will only aggravate the situation. In the end, you can always call the teacher and ask how to lead your child.

The process of adaptation to a kindergarten is very complicated, it is impossible to fit a certain framework. Every child is unique, and if one gets used to the kindergarten for two weeks, then another it will take a month or more. In no case do not scold the child. Be patient and don't forget to show your love to the baby as often as possible.