Green fragrances represent the smell of cut grass, leaves and meadow flowers, spring freshness. The fragrance include rosemary, pine, hyacinth, cedar, lavender, juniper, orange and galbanum.
One of the most popular green fragrances is Kenzo Parfum D'ete. This floral arrangement is full of delicious notes of carnation, peach, rose, peony, hyacinth, cedar, herbs and mignonette.
A sensation among perfumers was the opening of a sea of smells. Water scents give a sense of freshness and coolness, presence on the coast. To simulate the smell of the sea commonly used synthetic compounds, but there are natural shades: patchouli, freesia, vanilla, green Apple, sandalwood and aromas of citrus fruits.
The founder of the marine family of fragrances has become Kenzo Takada, releasing in 1991, male toilet water Kenzo pour homme. The bottle is associated with a sea wave: a curved, dark blue-green color. In 1992, Issey Miyake perfume released a self-titled eau de toilette for women with a fresh oceanic aroma.
Subgroup floral and oceanic scents appeared relatively recently, but has already found its fans. The smells of this group stand out with fresh ozone notes, reminiscent of a sea breeze. One of the most popular floral and oceanic compositions are Cool Water Women Davidoff (#1) and Acqua Di Gio Giorgio Armani (No. 152).
Very popular in warmer seasons floral and green odors. Their aroma associated with fresh herbs and meadow grasses. Cool Shadow from the Ra Group (No. 117) – one of the representatives of this group.
As for flower aromas, paired with notes of citrus fruits and scents of pine trees they occupy an honorable niche among the "fresh" flavors. For example, Naturelle toilet water by Yves Rocher with green floral and fruity notes. The head note of the perfume – lemon and bergamot, heart note - Jasmine, green Apple, peach blossom, and the plume is represented by musk and white cedar.
The composition of the fougere type have woody-herbal fragrance. They remind the smell of the morning meadow, the air during a thunderstorm or the aromas of a forest after rain. The composition of aromatic spirits often includes notes of coumarin, lavender, oakmoss, and citrus, green and floral scents. Most aromatic scents designed for men: Chanel Allure Homme, Hugo Boss XY.