To buy a new perfume preferably in a small bottle. This is due to the fact that for a short period of time you can come to the conclusion that they don't work for you. Thus, to part with the little bottle will be easier than a great.

They need to be stored in a dark place, away from sunlight, because their components under the action of the sun quickly lose their aromatic properties and begin to evaporate.

Now let's talk about how to choose a perfume.

It is considered that there are 4 types of female personality: romantic, athletic, active and sensual. From them and you need to start when choosing a perfume.

Romantic ladies all over sweet (but not cloying), soft, exotic and floral aromas. It is best to pick up odors that shows scents of Jasmine, rose and hyacinth.

Sports girls should buy the fragrance, resembling the smell of trees in the flowering period.

Sensual ladies are best suited perfume with a sweet, heavy sweet smell.

Active ladies will suit smells of tart that would best accentuate their individuality and well-developed imagination.

Also choose perfume must be given the time of day. For example, if you are going for a day visit, to work, to school, to the Institute or to the store, then you can put perfume on a light floral perfume. However, in the evening when you decide to wear an evening dress, you need to use a perfume with a sharp and heavy smell.

And a few more tips that will help youto correctly use perfume:

1. Not worth buying perfume that have nothing to do with the smell of soap or other cosmetics for care of face and body you use.

2. Perfume, like any other cosmetic product, you need to use carefully and wisely. It is not necessary to choke the area of the skin behind the ears, because in this place are the sweat glands that secrete not only sweat, but and subcutaneous fat. If perfume this section, then the smell of perfume mixed with the smell of skin and, as a consequence, the flavor will be distorted and unpleasant. It is better to podesiti the inner part of the elbows and wrists.

3. Should not use perfume before going to the beach, in the pool or in the Solarium, if you don't want your skin covered with red red. Besides, even the best quality perfume under the action of ultraviolet radiation lose their flavor.