You will need
  • - med - 5 table. spoons;
  • - sea salt - 2 table. spoons;
  • - cypress essential oil;
  • - rosemary essential oil;
  • - essential oil of juniper;
  • - essential oil of sweet orange;
  • - Mandarin essential oil;
  • - essential oil of grapefruit;
  • - jar;
  • - food film.
Measure honey and put it in a small container. For this procedure the most suitable buckwheat honey, however, permissible to use any available variety, you can also mix different. It is desirable that the consistency was very liquid. If honey is very thick, dilute it a little good olive oil. Honey is considered to be the worst enemy of "orange peel" - it stimulates fluid drainage, improves blood circulation, makes the skin supple and very smooth.
How to quickly get rid of cellulite at home
Enter in the honey sea salt. Very carefully stir the mass. Important: for mixing ingredients, use a glass or plastic spoon, as metal, the device can oxidize and affect the quality of the manufactured tools. Sea salt is indispensable in the fight against cellulite. It perfectly removes from the tissues the water and toxins, and also has a powerful tonic effect.
How to quickly get rid of cellulite at home
In the prepared mixture, add essential oils. Stir thoroughly after the introduction of each of them. Here are some of the properties used essential oils: cypress oil makes the skin supple; rosemary oil irritation of the skin; juniper oil improves skin elasticity and removes toxins; oil of sweet orange improves blood circulation; tangerine stimulates the breakdown of fats; grapefruit oil clears the body of liquid, normalizing the nutrition of the cells. Do not overdo it with the addition of oils - each should be no more than 7 drops.
How to quickly get rid of cellulite at home
A 2-in-1 massage and body wraps are ready! Before the procedure treat the skin with natural hard sponge. After this apply the prepared product on hand, RUB between your hands and drive into problem areas very strong motions. Next, wrap the treated skin with plastic wrap and put on home clothes. Work out 1 hour household chores, and then remove the skin with plastic wrap and take a contrast shower.
How to quickly get rid of cellulite at home
Rate homemade anti-cellulite treatments is 2 weeks. Massage with body wrap must be strictly after 1 day. If you are committed to a real fight cellulite, be patient and the result will surprise you very much.
How to quickly get rid of cellulite at home