It is possible to perform such a facade that no one on the main material of construction is not know. For the facade of the building, there are several options: stone, brick, klinkersire tile, stucco, ventilated facades. Each of them has its own characteristics and advantages. It will be discussed next.

Stone can be used both natural and artificial. First, of course, costs a lot. Artificial, thanks to modern technology, is made in such a way that it is difficult to distinguish from natural. Colors for every taste.

Facing brick is the most popular. It has lots of shapes and colors.

Klinkersire tile is the most affordable option. To work with this material very simple, and in the care of it is unpretentious.

Plaster protects the room from outdoor moisture and noise. But there is a big minus - almost the annual redecorating of the facade.

Ventilated facades - a new product in the construction market. On the wall is attached to the frame and filled with insulation, and then is overlaid with a finishing material. Thus, the heat in the house is preserved better. Installation is simple and the price low.