Any living space is divided into standard functional zones: kitchen, bedroom, living room, office. According to the teachings, kitchen is the space of fire. Corresponding shades in the interior will be the most suitable, but they needs to be diluted with cooler colors. The symbol of fire — hearth, in this case, the stove must be located away from the refrigerator and sink. Table it is best to choose round or oval.

The abundance of furniture in the living room is not recommended, according to Chi. The freedom of space accentuate the bright colors in the interior, they symbolize tranquility and reliability. Feng Shui denies the position of the sofa in the middle of the room, for a rest it is best to put it to the wall. Is also important good illumination. But in the bedroom it's better to strive for priglashennaya light.

Everything that helps to attain a state of peace and silence, - is dominated by Yin. So you should make the room appliances, radio, television. Use a night light with adjustable brightness light. To unsubscribe from mirrors, of plants not to give preference to cacti and dried flowers. As decorations decor ideal pair of statues, symbolizing marital harmony, if it's a family bedroom.

Study it is important to organize a consistent and functional. All must lie in their places, to set-up and procedure. But this does not exclude such things as family photos, fireplace, paintings on the walls and candles. It is best if the table will be located opposite the exit, to sit facing the door. Positive energy flows through a tree, and so perfect to decorate the wall or floor.

Using these simple rules, you can significantly improve your psychological, emotional mood, and therefore quality of life.