North in Feng Shui corresponds to the element of water, colors blue, blue, black and combinations of grey and black with white. The symbol is a turtle.

As usual, everything in Feng Shui begins with harvesting. The dirt and unnecessary things in this sector hinder the flow of energy. Order to the North will help you clearly see your path and future prospects.

In the career sector you can place water elements, but it is important not to overdo it, because excess water characters will bring fatigue, success in business will be fickle and the money will quickly disappear without a trace.

To soften the effect of water in Feng Shui it is recommended to use the elements of earth (brown items, figurines made of ceramics).

In the Northern sector it is possible to place paintings depicting water, running horse. But the stormy sea or the rushing herd will bring difficulties and obstacles.

If you want to get a job in a certain company, place in the career zone logo, business card, employee or photograph of the building, which is the organization.

If your career all right, to protect his position can be put in the North the figure of a turtle, which is a symbol of stability and protection. According to Feng Shui, the remedy can serve as the image of the mountains.

Черепаха по фен-шуй должна находится в зоне карьеры

A career is always money, so along with the intensification of the Northern sector can be strengthened and South-Eastern section of the zone of wealth. Financial prosperity will bring the fountain or a picture of a treasure ship in the South-East. It is important that the ship in the picture went inside the house.

No harm will strengthen the sector assistants (North-West). Here you can place a portrait of the Directors of the company in which you would like to work, or to put a figure of an elephant.

Revitalization of the zone of glory (southern sector) will also help in job searches. On the South wall you can hang your diplomas and certificates.